College Radio Stations And Their Mission

What Are The Basic Differences Between College Radio And Mainstream Radio?
Mainstream radio functions like a corporation that is responsible for selling ad time as well as catering to statistics and ratings. By contrast, college radio is more about creativity and expression. Moreover, college radio gives students and disc jockeys a chance of playing music they love, which is usually centered on a general theme. In this fashion, college radio has less limitations and more liberty than mainstream radio. That is why college radio is very popular among teens.

How Do You Normally (more…)

Five Best College Radio Stations To Listen To

Five Best College Radio Stations To Listen To

1. The University of Texas at Austin KVRX 91.7 FM
It is no surprise that Austin has a great college radio station. Moreover, Austin, Texas is one of the most prolific cities for music on the planet. This radio station features loads of psych, garage, soul, rock and pop everyday.

2. Rochester Institute of Technology WITR 89.7 FM
RIT is particularly known for their blend of indie music. They are constantly plugging the best names in indie rock, pop and psych.

3. Drexel University WKDU 91.7 FM
Drexel has an outstanding (more…)

Music Out To The Masses By West Virginia University

The West Virginia University College Radio Station offers its listeners a variety of programs and music all day long. Each of their programs and music sessions is laid out in an easy-to-read format for students who are looking for a specific kind of music. Sundays are the best days for music lovers to listen to this radio station because music is played all day long.

Classical- On Sundays, classical music is played from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

The Golden Road- The Golden Road, played between 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM on (more…)

West Virginia University And Their Radio Station

West Virginia University has it’s own radio station, WWVU-FM located at 97.1 FM. This radio station is handled and worked by the students while the university’s faculty are overseeing the programs. Nicknamed ‘U92′, this radio station is heavy on alternative music rotation, yet also provides news and sports programs.

The news is reported twelve times each weekday, it also has a weekly call-in show called Feedback. Sport scores are reported throughout the day; both local and national scores. Each Friday night there is a sports show, keeping sport fans up to date. U92 supports the local (more…)

College Radio Stations Reaching Out To The World

College radio stations have always enjoyed a loyal following by the students of the campus the station was broadcast from. In fact, in the past many college graduates longed for and missed the radio stations they grew accustomed to while on or near campus. Times and technologies have changed drastically over the years, and thanks in part to the Internet; it is now possible for college radio stations to go global and reach out to the masses far away from where they broadcast.Additional information can be found at July 2013

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